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Fire Suppression Header

Fire suppression systems, like many other industries, continue to be developed,
with advances in the ever increasing need for fire protection across a wide spectrum of applications.

Stauff Anglia has been supplying pipes, fittings, valves and clamping systems to the industry for many years.
With this has come the experience and understanding of the needs of those installing these vital systems.


We have products for Fire Suppression systems such as :

Automatic sprinkler systems which remain in the widest use for fire protection today

Water mist systems that generally are preferred when there is a need to minimise water and smoke damage

High Pressure water mist systems excellent when standalone system is needed to protect an enclosed space or hazard, such as food processing and data centres, machinery and generators.

Gas Extinguishing Systems for protecting clean air environments where water can seriously damage equipment or contents

Push Fit Connectors           DIN2353 Compression Couplings


Twin Ferrule Couplings      Butt Weld Fittings

 Stainless Tubes