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Along with the ongoing development of the many hoses that are now available, it is equally important that the the proper attention is paid to the fittings that are used.

The use of correct ferrules (sleeve) is essential. Call us and we will discuss the relevant choices and advise you.

 Ferrules And Coupling Inserts Ferrules and Inserts

Swaged Ferrules for hose couplings

SAE Flange Coupling Ends are available in both 3000 Series (Medium Pressure) and 6000 Series (High Pressure) For certain hose types they are available in an extensive range of angle settings:

Straight | 22.5o | 30o | 45o | 60o | 67.5o | 90o | 110o | 135o

As well as styles designed for specific international manufacturers such as Caterpillar

SAE Flange Coupling Ends are available in both 3000 Series (Medium Pressure) and 6000 Series (High Pressure)


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Within each basic style of fitting (coupling), there are numerous thread possibilities. these include BSP, Metric,JIC, SAE and many variations on those threads, with others that reflect the countries that design and use machinery.

Female Hose Inserts

 Some are designed specifically with high pressures in mind, others for specific design tasks.

Sizes are normally within the range 3/16" - 2"

depending on the hose choice being used

Elbow Hose Inserts

Find The Right Part

The choice of actual connectors has never been greater. Some decisions will depend upon the need to match existing thread styles in a system. At other times you willhave the freedom to make your choices. These may be based on personal preference, or the need to ensure that the correct choice of style that meets the application need such as very high pressures.

Hign Pressure Interlock Ferrules and Coupling Inserts   Interlok Ferrulkes and Inserts

Male Hose Inserts

 The choice of styles includes: Males | Females | Elbows of diferent settings | Banjo Connectors | Standpipe Ends and specialist types such as high pressure washer connections

Banjo Couplings, Standpipe Inserts, Pressure Washer Hose Inserts, SAE Split Flange Connectors