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Can We Help You Use The Products Better?

 Sometimes, with even the apparently most simple and straightforward products, a little additional understanding can make a significant difference in performance and cost effective application.

Here we would like to sprinkle some of that  'Magic Dust'  that might help you get more for your money out of the products we sell.

Below are a selection of How To guides to aid better selection and use of product. We also hope to add a small library of 'case studies' to show how other product users have taken advantage of choices in product and application to achieve improved production and performance benefits.

These are easy to follow guides that make it clear what needs to be considered for best practice and long term service from installation of steel and stainless steel tube assemblies

How To Guide | Choosing Metric Couplings

How To Guide | Assembly Instructions For Couplings On Steel Tube

How To Guide | Assembly Instructions For Couplings On Stainless Steel Tube

How To Guide | Choosing Metric Tube

Section of our hose and connector catalogue that highlights the important areas for use and long life of flexible hose assemblies

Hose and Couplings  |  Technical Guidance Appendix

You might also be interested in our page that identifies potential hazards with high pressure hoses and offers some practical solutions. It includes an indication of current thinking and safety practice being considered by the international organisations responsible for standards.