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 Stauff Hydraulic AccessoriesThe STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories programme has been carefully designed to offer a constantly growing range of sophisticated components suited to the demands of designing and building tanks, reservoirs, power packs and gear boxes in most industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

Whether you require visual or visual/electrical fluid level and temperature indicators, tank filler breathers made of plastic or metal, or air breathers to protect your reservoir from contamination and moisture: STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories will provide you with the product you need! The programme is supplemented  by suction strainers and diffusers that are used within the reservoir and connected directly to the suction and return lines. The installation can be completed with the use of return line bushes which are designed as tubular support, vibration and noise absorber and protection element for rigid return  lines entering the hydraulic reservoir. Available for allcommonly available Metric and  imperial pipe and tube diameters from   6 ... 42
mm and 1/4 ... 1-1/2
They are easy to install and  Chemically resistant against oil and solvents.

A useful piece of equipment for use when assembling pipeline installations is the Stauff Clean tool. A Simple and low cost solution for the removal of unwanted contaminant from the inside surfaces of pipes, tubes and hoses
The STAUFF Clean system comprises of a pneumatic launcher and a range of specially designed nozzles. The launcher uses standard industrial compressed air in pressure between 6 and 8 bar / 87 and 116 PSI to propel a foam projectile through the nozzle and into the hose, tube or pipe to be cleaned. This provides a safe and environmentally friendly tool that requires little formal expertise to operate and apply

 Hydraulic Accessories Overview Ctalogue

Fluid Level and Temperature Indicators

 Visual Level Gauge SNA             Visual/Electrical Level Gauge SNK             Visual/Electrical Level Gauge SNKK            Custom Level Gauge

 Visual Level Gauge                    Visual/Electrical                         Visual/Electrical                        Custom Level Gauges
 Level Gauge SNA                       Level Gauge SNK                      Level Gauge SNKK      

 Tank Filler Breathers

Plastic Filler Breather SES            Plastic Filler Breather SFB            Plastic Filler Breather SFBN            Metal Filler Breather SMBT/SMBB/SMBP             Metal Filler Breather SMBL

Plastic Filler Breather                 Plastic Filler Breather                 Plastic Filler Breather               Metal Filler Breather                   Metal Filler Breather
SES                                            SPB                                            SPBN                                       SMBT/SMBB/SMBP                    SMBL

Giant Air Breathers And Dessicant AirBreathers

Stauff Giant Air Breather SGB                Dessicant Air Breather SDB                Dessicant Air Breather SVDB               Dessicant Air Breather SDB - CV

Giant Air Breather                      Dessicant Air Breather                Dessicant Air Breather               Dessicant Air Breather
SGB                                           SDB                                           SVDB                                        SDB-CV

Suction Line Accessories          Return Line Accessories                                                 Pipe, Tube and Hose Cleaning System

Suction Strainer SUS                         Diffuser SRV             Return Line Bush SR                         Stauff Clean SF

Suction Strainer SUS                                 Diffuser SRV                              Return Line Bush SRF                                Stauff Clean SF