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Sale Opportunities At Stauff Anglia
WE want to develop our external sales activity in
East Midlands | East Anglia

What's Involved?

For those wishing to take their first steps in pursuit of a selling career:

Someone who believes that they have the aptitude, living within the designated area, who can work in cooperation with our team based in Wymondham.. The role will involve developing a relationship with existing customers and known potential within a designated area. With the growth of confidence and product experience, we shall look for input in discovering new sales opportunities. Then moving on to investigating new markets for these and other new products. This could be a golden opportunity for someone who feels drawn to selling as a career, but is frustrated by the usual need for 'experience' when applying for such positions.

The products are all clearly shown and fully described on this website. Some will seem simple and straightforward, but they are used in many different industries for a huge variety of applications. It will therefore give the successful applicant the chance to develop the  neccessary engineering based skills. Indeed the more understanding and profficiency in identifying the product applications, the more successful will be the sales results. Support in product knowledge learning will be made available as required.

Are you already in an industrial/pipeline type component based selling career?

We are also looking at employment opportunities for someone ready established in the basics but ready to step up and work closely with us in building on the already succesful market position we enjoy.
You will need the ability to discover and bring to fruition, new sales opportunities including investigating markets for new related products
and to develop the ideas forward successfully.

Are you fully established and looking for a career change within the industry?  We would still like to talk to you!


An appropriate remuneration package is on offer for the successful applicant at each of the above levels
And will include suitable company car and expenses, own laptop and mobile phone

Why Not Give Us A Call?  Ring 01953 857 140 Ask For Kevin Rodgers

Applications in writing accompanied by a brief CV to:
Mr. K. Rodgers | krodgers@stauffanglia.co.uk