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Portable Assembly Tool For DIN 2353 Couplings 

Accurate Assembly For Guaranteed Performance
Battery operated Stauff Press machine for the assembly of cutting rings light and heavy series. Check out the catalogue and see the benefits.   read more
23 August 2017 11:54:00 Categories: Portable Assembly Tools For DIN Cou[lings

Brand New Stauff Clamp Catalogues 

All the latest updates on styles and materials

New Stauff Clamp Catalogues

... read more
27 July 2017 10:48:00 Categories: New Catalogues

Stauff Form Tube Connections 

Formed tube for high performance DIN Couplings
Stauff now have the STAUFF Form system available. Designed to give maximum performance and reliability to DIN 2353 couplings. The Machine covers up to 42mm L and 38mm S for steel, stainless and alternative materials. CHECK NOW   read more


Retrofit Actions You Can Take
High Pressure hydraulic hoses are used today with confidence, knowing that whether at the machine manufacturing stage, servicing or user replacement/modification, they are designed to perform to a high degree of safety and service life, However,... read more
16 November 2015 11:52:00 Categories: High Pressure Hoses Hose Safety

STAUFF Connect 

The new DIN 2353 Coupling range frome Stauff
  Have you seen the new Stauff Connect DIN 2353 Couplings?   An excellent range of quality product now manufactured and guaranteed  under the highly respected Stauff brand.  All the details are HERE read more
05 October 2015 10:22:00 Categories: Tube Couplings

U Bolts with built in Anti Corrosion Technology 

Stauff's innovative ACT design for U bolt inserts
STAUFF is unveiling round steel U-bolts which were made using the company‘s innovative ACT concept. In this case, ACT (Anti-Corrosion Technology) refers to a two-piece insert made of flame-retardant plastic material, Full Details Here read more
30 July 2015 10:55:00 Categories: Anti Corrosion Technology Stauff Pipe Clamps

Stauff NRC Clamps 

Noise and Vibration Reducing NRC Clamps
STAUFFhas announced the patented concept of NRC clamps, for the noise and vibration reducing installation of pipes and tubes with outside diameters between 6 and 88.9 mm or ¼ to 3 ½“ more inforrmation read more

SAE Flanges? 

For Pipeline and Gear Pump Applications
SAE Flanges are used as a reliable alternative to regular pipe and tube connectors. Stauff Anglia cover a vast range of High (6000 PSI) Pressure and Low (3000 PSI) Pressure flanges in wide variety of connector forms  check here for details read more
01 June 2015 10:22:00 Categories: SAE and Gear Pump Flanges Tube Couplings

The Importance Of Anti Sieze Grease  

Never assemble stainless couplings without it
Proper assembly of stainless steel couplings is often limited because of the friction resistance created between the two surfaces. If you use an ABF grease to overcome this problem, you will always be assured of being able to properly complete the... read more

Choose The Right Metric Tube 

Ever Needed Help to Decide On the Right Tube To Use?
Choosing the correct tube for your application is obviously important and sometimes is good to revisit the fundamentals that are the cornerstone of a correct choice. Visit our Steel Tubes page where you will find two helpful data sheets: How to... read more
25 March 2015 10:03:00 Categories: Carbon And Stainless Steel Tubes
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