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PTFE Hose 4.9mm - 26.1 ID  WP up to 276 Bar


4.9mm - 26.1 ID  WP up to 276 Bar

APPLICATIONS Aggressive chemicals transfer systems – Compressed air and gases – High or low
temperature fluid or gas transfer

INNER TUBE Polytetrafluoroethylene
REINFORCEMENT One braid of stainless AISI 304 wire
FEATURES Pure PTFE tube material, lightweight, resistant to almost all chemicals, gases and solvents.
Stainless steel braid / cover to support medium pressure requirements. Hose comes in
random length coils
DESCRIPTION Lightweight smoothbore hose for standard industrial use, especially for high or low
temperature and aggressive chemical applications, including some gases (there will be
a level of gas permeation which should be taken into account). Care should be taken to
ensure proper fitting and ferrule compatibility, we recommend to contact our sales office for
fittings selection.
Hose not suitable for continuous hydraulic impulse applications.
Above +130°C (+266°F) there will be a reduction in maximum working pressure: reduce
maximum working pressure by 1% for each 2°C (3,6°F) above 130°C (+266°F).
Hose suitability must be checked when discharge of electrical static build up is required.
TEMPERATURE RANGE -60°C to +260°C (-76°F to +500°F)
FIRE TEST DIN 54837 with classification to DIN 5510-2 Convoluted PTFE