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Stauff Clamp Catalogue Downloads

    Stauff Clamp Technical Index

             Overview of Ranges Available                                                                                                                                 Technical Appendix

 Block Style Clamps 

Stauff Standard Series Clamps Standard Series DIN 3015   Stauff Heavy Series Clamps  Heavy Series DIN 3015  Stauff Twin Series Clamps  Twin Series DIN 3015 

Stauff Clamps Heavy Twin Series  Heavy Twin Series              Stauff Anti Corrosion Technology  (ACT) Clamps  Anti Corrosion Clamps 

Stud Welding Base Plates  Stud Welding Baseplates   Bonded Base Plate Assembly Bonded Base Plates

 Stauff Custom Designed  Clamps    

Stauff Injection Moulded Special Clamps (Flexi Clamps)  Custom Specials Moulded     Custom Specials Machined

 Light Series Clamps   

Stauff Light Series LB/LBG/LBU Clamps  Stauff Light Series LB       Stauff Light Series LN/LNG/LNUF Clamps  Stauff Light Series LN      Stauff Light Series AG Agriculture Twin Series  Stauff Light Series AG

Stauff Piggyback/Saddle Clamps

Stauff Piggyback Saddle Clips  Stauff Saddle / Piggyback Series

Stauff U Bolts

Stauff U Bolts  Stauff Round And Flat U Bolts

Metal Series Clamps

Stauff Metal DIN Clamps Stauff Metal DIN Clamps

Construction Series Clamps

Stauff Construction Series Clamps  Stauff Construction Series Clamps

 Stauff Cushion Clamps STC / SPC  Cushion Clamps              Stauff Clamps Compact Twin Series   Compact Twin Clamps   Stauff Light Series AG Agriculture Twin Series   Agricultural Clamps

 Stauff Clamps Technical Appendix 

This catalogue section  provides all the essential technical details of product materials, finishes and designs