Dessicant Air Breather SVDB

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 STAUFF Desiccant Air Breathers Lightweight Version

STAUFF Desiccant Air Breathers SVDB Hydraulic Accessories Dessicant Air Breathers Catalogue

Combination of air breather and water removal filter

▪ Light-weight alternative to the SDB series
▪ Available in 2 different sizes
▪ Diameter of Ø94 mm / Ø3.70 in
▪ Filled with drying agent (non-toxic ZR gel grain)
▪ Drying agent capable in changing colour from Red to orange with increasing moisture
▪ Without dangerous substances according to EC Council directives 99/45/EC and 2001/60/EC
▪ Connection: Female BSP thread (ISO 228) in Plastic housing

Please note that neither the air filter element nor the drying agent can be replaced when saturated.


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