DIN 2353 Tube Connectors Assembly Advice

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DIN 2353 Compression Couplings are well proven for :

● Tube to tube connections
● Tube to threaded port connections
● Tube to hose assembly connections

The practicality of self assembly is a major feature in their appeal as an everyday medium and high pressure pipework accessory.

● Do you need to assemble more than a few connections?
● Do you regularly deal with larger bore sizes?
● Do you use mainly stainless steel connectors?

Hardened Pre Assembly Tool
If your answer to any of the above is yes,then you should certainly use a hardened pre assembly tool for hand assemblies. (For stainless ends this is regarded by manufacturers as essential)

Pre Assembly Machine?
You might like to consider investment in a pre assembly machine. This would ensure that joints are made perfectly every time and will reduce installation time and costs significantly.

Tube End Forming Machine?
Alternatively you might consider hiring a tube forming machine to make your assemblies without the cutting ring, contact us for more details.

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Assembling The DIN 2353 Coupling

Assembling The DIN 2353 Coupling In Stainless Steel

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DIN 2353 Tube Connectors Assembly Advice

Leaks Only Happen If Components Are Used Inappropriately,
Or Are Incorrectly Assembled

Poor assembly results in leaking tubes

● Incorrectly assembled compression joints are by far the largest single cause of leaks and joint failures.
● By following the very basic instructions and exercising simple quality control during assembly, the finished connection will provide reliable long term service.
● Full assembly instructions here*. Carbon Steel | Stainless Steel
Pay particular attention to:
● Cutting the tube square and deburring
● Performing the correct number of turns
● Checking the ring is secure before final assembly
When assembling Stainless Steel compression couplings, again follow the instructions fully, and pay particular attention to:
● Always use anti seize lubricant on the components
● Always complete the full number of turns, torque requirements are high on larger sizes.

Over 20mm tube od it is recommended that a pre assembly tool be used. A common feedback remark is ‘ it was tightened as far as it would go’. This usually indicates undertightening.. The stated number of turns MUST be carried out, or failure is possible.

*These are based on current manufacturers guidelines and may vary in the detail, but conform largely in the overall practice. We can only offer this information as a general guide and cannot accept responsibility for technical changes/adjustments in manufacturing practices.

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