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Stainless Steel Product Groups

Pipe Clamps

Stauff ACT Clamps

Compression Couplings

Twin Ferrule Couplings

Design and Manufacture of Twin Ferrule Connectors

Hydraulic Adaptors

Stainless Tubes

Ball Valves

Two Way Block Body HP Ball Valves With Threaded Connections

Quick Release Couplings

Stainless Steel Products In The Stauff Anglia Range

In today’s industrial landscape, so many applications call for product materials that can offer a much better performance, and stainless steel frequently fits those requirements. In line with those needs many of the products that we handle are also available in Stainless Steel.

Principally, stainless steel is required for it’s corrosion resistant properties. Which in turn will depend on the correct selection of stainless grade for each application. Stainless steel is designed to be corrosion resistant when correctly selected but this does not mean that stainswill necessarily be repelled This will be dependent upon a suitable cleaning routine.Otherwise it should be accepted that in daily usage there will be some contaminate build up on the surface. It should be noted that this can be unsightly and could ultimately lead to corrosion.

Stainless steel has many other important properties over alternative non-corrosive materials, including its formability, resistance to fire and recyclability.

Products we supply are mostly manufactured

from stainless specs:

1.4401 316 | 1.4404 316L | 1.4571 316T

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Check out these important properties

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • High and low temperature resistance.
  • Ease of fabrication.
  • Strength.
  • Aesthetic appeal.
  • Hygienic properties
  • Stainless steel is a durable
  • low maintenance
  • Recyclable
  • High scrap value.
  • Many surface finishes
  • Magnetic & non magnetic
  • Low life cycle cost


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