Stauff Pipe Clamps: Anti Corrosion Technology

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The Stauff Anti Corrosion Clamp provides Efficient Prevention of Crevice Corrosion under Pipe Clamps on Stainless Steel Pipework with Middle and LongTerm Cost Savings due to Extended Service and Maintenance Intervals.

Stauff ACT Clamps

Innovative Design and Materials

▪ Material and design in compliance with section 7.3 (Tubing Installation) of the Norwegian offshore standard
Norsok Z-010 (Revision 3, published in October 2000 ), API RP 552 and NACE SP 0108-2008 (section 13)

Clamp body made of flame-retardant PPV0 plastic material (tested and V0 classified according to UL 94)
Integrated anti-corrosion elastomer strips avoid the accumulation of seawater between clamp body and pipe
Drainage channels aid the dispersal of seawater
ACT Mounting Hardware is made of Stainless Steel V4A (Material Code: W55) with enhanced corrosion resistance
by practically excluding metallic and non-metallic impurities during production, processing and handling

▪ Suitable for continuous exposure to temperatures from -25 °C to +90 °C (from -13 °F to +194 °F)
▪ High UV stability of the clamp body material; resistant against seawater, rain and oil
▪ To be used in sub-sea and top-side environments; alleviating the requirement for two different products

Independent Testing and Approval

▪ Subject to stringent testing at the STAUFF in-house laboratories located in Werdohl (Germany)
▪ Salt spray tests according to ASTM B117 applied in controlled laboratory environments
▪ Long-term field tested on a rig in the Dutch sector of the North Sea
▪ Tests results independently assessed by Centre for Corrosion Technolog at Sheffield Hallam University
▪ Fully detailed, independent test reports available on request

Construction based on STAUFF Clamps

▪ Constructed according to DIN 3015, Parts 1 and 3 (Standard Series and Twin Series)
▪ Tried and tested industry standard for several decades
▪ Covering the most commonly used metric and imperial pipe diameters from 6 mm to 25,4 mm (from 1/4 inch to 1 inch)
▪ Can be used in combination with existing mounting hardware; available ex stock from STAUFF in several stainless steel qualities
▪ Alternative configurations and pipe diameters available on request
▪ Installation time reduction (compared to alternative clamp designs)



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