Stauff Test 10 Plug In System

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Test Couplings with Plug-In System - SMK10

Test Couplings with Plug-In System – SMK10

Test Couplings with ball check for normal hydraulic applications and hydraulic applications with high-viscosity fluids.

Area of Application
▪ Monitoring and control of pressure
▪ Venting
▪ Sampling in high- and low-pressure systems

▪ Coupling at system pressure level
▪ Leakproof connection before ball check is open
▪ Simple connection to measuring, control and switching devices

▪ Suitable for hydraulic oils and other mineral oil based fluids
(Check compatibility of sealing material)
▪ For use in conjunction with other liquid media please consult STAUFF

Working Pressure
▪ Max. working pressure 400 bar / 5801 PSI
For SMK style G and K the recommended working pressure of fitting manufacturer has to be applied.

Stauff Test 10 Catalogue Stauff Test 10 Catalogue                                           CONNECTOR STYLES AVAILABLE

How It Works

How Stauff Test Couplings Work

Metal parts made of:
▪ Steel, zinc/nickel-plated = C6F (CrVI-free)

Ball made of Stainless Steel

Seals made of:
P = NBR (Buna-N®)
Temperature range -20 °C … +100 °C / -4 °F … +212 °F
V = FPM (Viton®)
Temperature range -20 °C … +200 °C / -4 °F … +392 °F
E = EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber)
for brake fluid, Temperature range -40 °C … +150 °C / -40 °F … +302 °F


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