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Who Are We?

Stauff UK was established in 1977 as a new national outlet for the German based company Walter Stauffenberg , manufacturers of the now universally used Stauff Pipe Clamps.

In the mid 80s a regional location was set up to service the East Anglia marketplace and during the past 12 years has developed to become a major outlet of Stauff products as well as many other important pipeline products and accessories. Now serving not only the regional market, Stauff Anglia has a customer base that stretches throughout the UK
and also includes many export locations.

How Have We Grown?

This development has been achieved through :

  • The growth of experience and ability to provide a genuine customer focus, offering support at all levels
  • By bringing a wider range of products to our portfolio.
  • In being able to provide knowledgeable input to assist customers with application advice
  • By identifying the needs of specialist markets and providing for them
  • In supporting customers with stock management services
  • Using our experience to source ‘hard to find’ products

How Can Our Experience Help You?

By having the opportunities to bring our widening range of products to many new customers, we now have experience across a wide range of different fields including:

Offshore and Marine | Fire prevention – sprinkler and fogging specialities | Agricultural applications | Mobile Machinery | Handling Systems | Food processing and hygiene systems | Chemical and process industries | Construction Equipment | Hydraulic Systems Pipework | Rigid and Flexible Pipework in Very High Pressure Systems

We are also experienced in identifying and supplying the specialist materials for high demand applications. This may be stainless steel versions of the many pipework components and accessories, such as tubes and connectors, Twin Ferrule Couplings, pressure test and diagnostic systems, or it may be for one of the many specially developed materials for Stauff Clamps such as those for fire retardant applications or the anti corrosion (ACT) versions for hostile marine environments.

If you have a particularly challenging installation calling for non standard materials, we would be pleased to hear from you to explore just how we can assist.

We would also be pleased to give our advice on the wider issues of Hose and personnel protection products, increasingly important when considering application safety issues.

Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements, straightforward or otherwise our experience covers a very wide range of products?

Acknowledgement: Some of the pictures on our site are courtesy of photographers making their work  available without charge.
They are : Photos by Matias Islas | Alex Kotliarskyi | Annie Spratt | Nathan Dumlao | rawpixel  –  all  operating on Unsplash –  https://unsplash.com

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