Safeplast Hose Safety And Protection Systems

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Safeplast Hose Safety And Protection Systems

Safeplast Hose Safety And Protection Systems

A range of products designed to secure and protect hoses as well as securing the safety of operators and other personnel in the proximity of working machinery.

The Safeplast range of products falls into four basic groups.

Spiral wrap
This provides a choice of wrap around spiral guards for individual hydraulic and pneumatic hoses that protect against abrasion, shocks and general rubbing. It’s made from directly compressing High Density Polyethylene. This gives resistance to acids, oils and solvents, is flexible and offers UV protection and operates within a temperature range -50°C to +100°C
It is available in two versions, giving different degrees of flexibility. Safe Spiral and Flex Spiral
Also available is Safeplast Binding Spiral developed to protect electric cables and wires from stress caused by abrasion and shocks and to make the installation and maintenance of electrical cables easier.
It tolerates acids, oils and solvents, protects against UV and operates within the temp range -30°C to + 80°C A tool is also available thath will enable quick and proper application of spiral wrap products
Safe Sleeve
This product is designed to cover hose assemblies to protect personnel in close proximity, against the consequences of an operational failure.
Available in a standard version and also in an MSHA (mining) approved version. They both have excellent pressure resistance are abrasion resistant and work within wide temperature ranges.
Safe Wrap
This is used to bundle groups of hoses together and is produced from 100 % polyamide 6.6 with PU coating and Velcro® -brand fasteners which make it very easy to install on hose lines after assembly/installation and repeatedly when required.
Its tensile strength is excellent (EN ISO 13934-1) and water repellence of the fabric is 100% (EN 24920).
Safe Strip
Is also used to bundle hose lines again and again.
It is produced from polypropylene and has Velcro® -brand fasteners. Maximum force of Safe-Strip is average of 1500 Nm
The buckle is available in three versions
Velcro Fastener
Buckle Fastener – stainless steel
With or without fixing/mounting eyelet.

product image Safe Spiral Hose Protefctor
product image Flex-Spiral Hose Protector
product image Safeplast Binding Spiral
product image Safeplast Mining Spiral
product image Safe Sleeve MSHA
product image Safe Sleeve PP
product image Safe Wrap
product image Safe Strip with Velcro fastening
product image Safe Strip with buckle fastener
product image Safe Strip with securing eyelet
product image Safe Tool for easier assemblyt


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