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All of the commonly required threads and combinations of threads are available as straight, 45o and 90o, tees and crosses

Hydraulic Elbow Adaptors

The operating pressures of the adaptors will generally follow the same values as the other components or pipework being connected. But it’s always sensible to double check. Particularly, be aware of the limitations of taper thread working pressures.

Full list of adaptor styles normally available

Hydraulic Plugs, caps, bushes, crosses

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Hydraulic adaptors are an important part ot the pipework system. Whether they are being used on flexible hoses or rigid pipework, they are frequently the essential link between other pipes and/or components.

They come in a vast array of thread styles, unit styles and thread sizes. Often because of the variety of manufacturers preferred thread and sizing on components, there will be a need to ‘adapt’ pipes or other components to a matching configuration. This is where the hydraulic adaptor scores.

The range of such items is huge and we can offer advice on the best way to utilise these components in your application

Stainless Steel Products

Most items are also available in Stainless Steel

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Hydraulic Male to Male adaptors of every conceivable thtread

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The range of sizes available is variable according to the types of fitting style used. The basic adaptors such as BSP Male x Male for example covers the full 1/8″ – 2″ range,whereas something like a Bsp Male x Metric Male covers a range from1/8″ BSP – 1″ BSP and 14 x 1.5 – 33 x 2 respectively.

Hydraulic tee Piece Adaptors

Full list of adaptor styles normally available

Hydraulic Female Swivel Adaptors, Male to Female Adaptors, Elbow Adaptors


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