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Stainless Steel Product Groups

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Stainless Steel Products In The Stauff Anglia Range

Today the industrial and technological landscape is calling for stainless steel products in an increasing number of applications. Because of our understanding and experience in these markets, many of the products groups  that we offer here at Stauff Anglia, are readily available in the appropriate grade of stainless steel.

Stainless steel products are often chosen for their corrosion resistant properties. This will in turn, depend upon the correct selection of a suitable stainless grade for the application being considered.

Stainless steel has many other important properties over alternative non-corrosive materials, including its formability, resistance to fire and recyclability.

Additionally, stainless steel products are likely to be of interest where high or low temperature resistance is is required, or for applications where greater strength than carbon steels can offer. It also opportunities for a much enhanced aesthetic appearance, along with hygienic properties. Stainless steel products often supply a solution to keeping maintenance levels low and although initial costs are usually higher, the long term life cycle result in overall substantial cost reductions in both the material and man hours maintenance and replacement costs.

Many stainless steel products can be supplied in a variety of different surface finishes and there are both magnetic and non magnetic grades of stainless. 

“Stainless steel is designed to be corrosion resistant when correctly selected but this does not mean that stains will necessarily be repelled This will be dependent upon a suitable cleaning routine. Otherwise it should be accepted that in daily usage there will be some contaminate build up on the surface. It should be noted that this can be unsightly and could ultimately lead to different forms of corrosion”

The stainless steel products Stauff Anglia supply are mostly manufactured from these specifications:  1.4401 316 | 1.4404 316L | 1.4571 316T

  • The grades referred to are molybdenum-containing austenitic stainless steels which aim to provide improved corrosion resistance compared to the standard Cr-Ni steel grades used in corrosive process environments.
    The addition of molybdenum provides improved resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in environments containing chlorides or other halides.
  • The grades quoted here are used in applications handling a wide range of chemicals used by process industries. These include food and beversges, medical, pharmaceutical, as well as other potentially corrosive environments or fluids use.
  • Modern stainless steels are today easily produced with a low carbon content, therefore the risk of chromium carbide precipitation has significantly decreased.

Intergranular corrosion caused by chromium carbides is therfore rarely an issue nowdays, but stabilised grades, often type 1.4571, are still specified. Non-titanium-stabilised grades generally have a better surface finish than titanium-stabilised grades.Given their fully austenitic structure, all these grades are
non-magnetic in the annealed condition but may become slightly magnetic as a result of phase transformation due to cold working or welding. The high nitrogen grades, i.e. 1.4406 and 1.4429 apart from an increased mechanical strength also have a more stable austenitic structure leading to a lower permeability in comparison to the other standard Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel grades.

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