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High Pressure hydraulic hoses are used today with confidence, knowing that whether at the machine manufacturing stage, servicing or user replacement/modification, they are designed to perform to a high degree of safety and service life,

However, even the hose of the most respected of manufacturers can become subject to failure. Whether through unusual or unplanned exposure to operating conditions, abrasion of the cover, undue tensile forces on the end fittings, machine accident, or other causes, steps can be taken to minimise the risk of it happening and protecting personnel and the environment from collateral damage.

Current thinking suggests that legislation/guidelines will be developed and introduced to ensure that hoses exposed to the possibility of failure/burst within a specific distance of members of the public, will have to be subject to secondary protection to prevent any 3rd party injury.
See also ISO 4413 quoted below

This is already being further discussed within the International organisations responsible for standards.
At present there are ‘rule of thumb’ guidelines that suggest machinery with exposed hoses, operating within a public space, should already be provided with safety shields or hose burst cover sleeves. This follows incidents where leaks and failures have directly affected nearby persons

It is of course equally important to be considering the machine operator when making safety provision, and the solutions being offered here are just as important in this scenario as they are concerning public liability.

  • Consider then:
  • wrapping individual hoses in a spiral guard | wrapping groups of hoses together similarly, both for protection against external damage where that might be the cause of failure
  • using a hose safety sleeve, again individually or on bundles, this will relieve the immediate danger in the event of hose failures
  • using strapping to secure individual or groups of hoses where significant unwanted movement might cause excessive wear
  • hose stop safety end protectors, to prevent a hose flailing around in the event of and end failure.

The solutions offered are suitable for both initial manufacture and subsequent retrofit

Safeplast Hose Safety And Protection Systems

SPIRAL WRAP – Protect hose against damage
SAFE / FLEX SPIRAL / BINDING SPIRAL – Protect hose against damage
BINDING SPIRAL – Protect hose against damage
SAFE SLEEVE – Standard & Mining Spec – Protect nearby persons from hose failure
SAFE WRAP – Bundles hoses and protection against failure effects
SAFE STRIP – Securing and fixing hose bundles

Full details on the individual products can be found by following these links

product image Safe Spiral Hose Protefctor
product image Flex-Spiral Hose Protector
product image Safeplast Binding Spiral
product image Safeplast Mining Spiral
product image Safe Sleeve MSHA
product image Safe Sleeve PP
product image Safe Wrap
product image Safe Strip with Velcro fastening
product image Safe Strip with buckle fastener
product image Safe Strip with securing eyelet
product image Safe Tool for easier assembly


A system accessory designed to prevent collateral damage in the event of a hose end fitting failure.
See ISO 4413 reference at bottom of text

The energy contained within a pressure hose, in case of failure at the fitting joint, can be very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity.
The Stopflex retention system was designed to arrest the trajectory of the flexible hose, thus avoiding that the energy contained inside may trigger a frightening “whip effect”.

With the Stopflex system, the hose is secured to the machine by means of a cable protecting both the operators and components.

Stopflex components can be applied to all kinds of flexible hoses. A band, equipped with a rubber gasket, remains perfectly secured,simultaneously allowing the hose to swell according to the working pressure. The retaining components can be secured to nipples, to SAE flanges or other system components

The Stopflex system, with correct installation, is manufactured and tested to ensure the retention of the hose up to the maximum pressure
indicated in this catalogue in compliance with the following standards,regulating the manufacture of hydraulic flexible hoses:

EN 853 EN | 854 EN 855 | EN 856 | EN 857 | SAE J517

“Should the rupture of a hose assembly represent a whiplash hazard, the latter shall be restrained or shielded”.


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