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The Basic Function And Use For DIN Compression Couplings

DIN 2353 compression couplings are the industry standard for installing medium and high pressure steel pipework systems, in both carbon and stainless steel

It normally involves the use of an olive or cutting ring, where the action of connecting the nut to the coupling body compresses the olive onto the tube.*

They normally come in these versions:

Series LL Extra light 4mm – 8mm Tube Size

Maximum Working Pressure 100 Bar

Series L Light 6mm – 42mm Tube Size

Maximum Working Pressures

6mm 500 Bar – 42mm 250 Bar**

Series S Heavy 6mm – 38mm Tube Size

Maximum Working pressures

6mm 800 bar – 38mm 400 Bar**

**These pressure ratings relate to the higher performance rings in general use, compared to the basic DIN standard ratings. Check with your supplier/manufacturer if necessary

Full compliance with DIN 2353 standard for interchangeability

*This must be done to specific guidelines for leakfree operation

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The Compression Coupling SystemTo DIN 2353

Nut, Tube And Olive - The Basic Compression Coupling

Nut, Tube And Olive – The Basic system

Stainless Steel Products

Tube Couplings in Carbon and Stainless Steel

Nut, And Formed Tube, The Alternative to compression jointsNut, And Formed Tube, The Alternative For higher Integrity
And Quicker Assembly Joints

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Compression Coupling Assembly Information

Formed Tube Version
Saving Time
Improving Performance

We also offer a variation on this system that eliminates the use of the olive by using a machine to form the end of the tube to the same tapered configuration.

Check out the details here

This does provide a very high degree of integrity in terms of guaranteed correct assembly and leak free operation. This system uses exactly the same DIN 2353 components, but without the olive (cutting ring). assembly time is very much quicker as well as offering this higher integrity. The only disadvantage is the need for a machine. Most serious suppliers in the market will have machines available to hire, making them extremely cost effective for projects where larger numbers of pipes are required.

  • Machine made joints of this type are especially beneficial when considered for the larger bore sizes and for stainless steel coupling assembly.
  • Alternatively it is worth considering a pre assembly machine to guarantee correct coupling to tube assembly, again especially on larger sizes where significant torque can be required to complete a correct assembly.


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