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Stauff Clamps A Universal Solution

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Metal Saddle Clamps

Heavy Saddles to DIN 1592 / 1593 Heavy Saddles to DIN 1592 / 1593

Light Saddles to DIN 1596 / 1597 Light Saddles to DIN 1596 / 1597

Metal Clamps according to DIN 3567 Metal Clamps according to DIN 3567

Steel Clamps SSS

We also supply Pipe Hangers

Main Clamp Groups – New Clamp Developments At The Bottom

All The Latest Stauff Clamp Catalogues available online HERE or from each clamp product page

Stauff Clamps Standard Series Stauff Clamps Heavy Series Stauff Clamps Twin Series
Standard Series                     Heavy Series                        Twin Series
DIN 3015 Pt 1                        DIN 3015 Pt 2                      DIN 3015 Pt 3
6 – 102mm                             6 – 450mm                           6 – 42mm

Stauff Clamps Heavy Twin Series Stauff Clamps Compact Twin Series Stauff Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) Clamps
Heavy Twin Series               Compact Twin Series          Stauff ACT Clamps
6 – 42mm                               3.2 – 25.4mm                        6 – 25.4mm

Stauff Light Series LBBU Clamps Stauff Light Series LB/LBG/LBU Clamps Stauff Light Series LN/LNG/LNUF Clamps
Light Series LBBU               Light Series LB/LBG/LBU Light Series LN/LNGF/LNUF
4 – 32mm                               3.2 – 25.4mm                         6 – 22mm

Stauff Light Series AG Agriculture Twin Series View Stauff Clamp catalogues View All Product Catalogues
Light Series AG
3 – 25mm

Other Clamp Styles

Stauff Cushion Clamps STC / SPC Stauff Plastic Saddle Clamps ZR

Stauff Wind Energy Clamps Stauff Hi-Clean Stainless Steel Series

Stauff Injection Moulded Special Clamps (Flexi Clamps) Stauff Machined Special Clamps

U Bolts

Stauff Flat Steel U-Bolts FB Stauff Round Steel U-Bolts RB

Stauff Round Steel U-Bolts RBD to DIN 3570 Stauff Rubber-Shrouded Round / Flat Steel U-Bolts

New Problem Solving Clamp Designs To Raise Application Capabilities

Stauff have an ongoing policy of developing clamp products for new applications, usually requirement driven in cooperation with existing and new customers

Bonded Base Plate Assembly Base Plates Can be Bonded in Place Stud Welding Base Plates Stud Welding Baseplates Lightweight Aluminium Hardware Aluminium Hardware

U Bolts with ACT Inserts U Bolts With ACT Inserts Noise And Vibration Rewduction Stauff Clamps Noise And Vibration Reduction Clamps

Stauff Pipe Clamps are manufactured in accordance with DIN 3015 which covers three basic styles:
Standard, Heavy and Twin Series diameter range from 6 to 406 mm smooth and profiled designs
Within these groups of pipe clamps,Standard Materials include
Clamp body: Polypropylene, Polyamide, Aluminium, Santoprene | Specialist Material PPAC offers anti corrosion crevice corrosion characteristics | PPDA offers fire prevention properties
Metal parts:
Are available as standard in Carbon Steel either untreated, zinc plated, or phosphated. Also available as standard in Stainless Steel to AISI 304 / 316 / 316Ti Additional materials such as DIN 5510, UL 94 or NF F 16/101, can be supplied upon request
Light Series , In a variety of different options including both single and twin, in hinged versions or split clamps | Flat and Round Steel U-Bolt clamps, these can also have anti corrosion inserts fitted | Metal Clamps in accordance with DIN 3567, 1592,1593, 1596, 1597
Stauff also offer custom-designed pipe, tube and hose clamps in both machined and injection moulded versions, to customer’s specifications or based on STAUFF hose and clamp developments
Hi-Clean Series – The Hi-Clean Series of clamps is specifically designed for use in industrial clean rooms with the highest demands regarding hygiene and design. Ideal for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, the Hi-Clean Series is manufactured from stainless steel with silicone (blue) and PTFE (white) insert sizes ranging from 6.8mm to 168.4mm. Top and bottom mount options are available.

In addition, new developments have brought about the introduction of clamps for specialist applications such as supports for cables within Wind Turbines, Aluminium base plates and cover plates where the benefits of lighter weight can help in machine and plant construction.Explore the full specifications and operational benefits here.

Recently introduced, the NRC range of noise and vibration reduction clamps and the development of base plates that can be bonded rather than welded


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