O Rings And Seals

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O Rings and Seals

O Ring seals and Bonded seals are used in many of the connecting joints throughout the ranges of products we offerO Rings and Bonded Seals
Use on
Tube Connectors
Hose Connectors

Available in a variety of materials including Nitrile, Viton rubber and EPDM,
Bonded seals come with a variety of metals for support rings

O Ring Kits

Imperial Size O Ring Kit

Imperial O Ring Kits

Imperial (BS Sizes) O Ring Kit
BS006 (2.9mm) ID – BS327 (43.82mm) ID
PPD BS – Imp Kit

Metric Sizes O Ring Kit

Metric O Ring Kits

Metric O ring Kit
3mm – 44mm Diameter
PPD BS – M Kit


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