Base Plate Stud Welding

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Base Plate Welding System

STAUFF SWG Stud Welding System Stauff SWG Stud Weld Base Plates

Drawn-Arc Stud Welding

In many areas stud welding is the most economic fastening method for components and sometimes even the only technical solution. Because the stud is joined with the work piece over the entire surface of the stud without any hollow areas, the strength of the joint is even higher than the base material or the stud.

STAUFF is now using this proven principle for the installation of STAUFF Pipe, Tube and Hose Clamps in the Standard Series (in line with to DIN 3015, part 1) with M6 mounting threads. The STAUFF Stud Welding System works entirely without shielding gas or the requirement to use ceramic ferrules.

Main Benefits of the STAUFF Stud Welding System

  • High productivity due to fast and easy handling
  • More flexibility when working in horizontal or overhead position
  • Material distortion reduced to a minimum through low thermal stress
  • High degree of safety due to a welded joint free of hollow areas
  • Reducing of rework on welding locations
  • One-sided accessibility of the component is sufficient
  • No leaking caused by drilled holes
  • Works without high-voltage current

Functional Description

The STAUFF Stud Welding System is based on welding process 784 „Stud Welding with Arc Ignition“ according to currently applicable standards.

Before starting to weld, the earth clamps have to be connected to the work piece. The stud is manually inserted into the chuck and placed onto the work piece. When pressing the gun trigger, the welding process starts automatically: A lift mechanism in the welding gun or welding head lifts the stud. A secondary arc (pilot arc) of low current is ignited between stud tip and work piece. Then the ignition of the main arc is carried out between stud tip and work piece. Stud and work piece are melted. At the end of the adjusted welding time the stud is moved to the work piece, the two molten zones join. The power source is switched off, the weld pool solidifies and cools down.


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