Dessicant Air Breather SDB-CV

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STAUFF Desiccant Air Breathers SDB-CV with built in check valve

STAUFF Desiccant Air Breathers SDB-CV Hydraulic Accessories Dessicant Air Breathers Catalogue

Combination of air breather and water removal filter with integrated check valves to increase the lifetime of the desiccant material; particularly suited for gearbox applications

▪ Available in 4 different sizes with diameter of Ø68 mm / Ø2.68 in, Ø100 mm / Ø3.94 in or Ø130 mm / Ø5.12 in
▪ Equipped with spring-loaded check valves in opposing directions with an opening pressure of 0,01 bar / .15 PSI
▪ Refillable with drying agent (non-toxic ZR gel grain) or a mix of drying agent and active carbon
▪ Drying agent capable in changing colour from Red to orange with increasing moisture
▪ Without dangerous substances according to EC Council directives 99/45/EC and 2001/60/EC
▪ Replaceable air filter element SGB
▪ Connection: Male BSP thread (ISO 228)


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