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Considering Stauff Clamps for your application? No matter how complex the requirement you will find a solution.

Whether it’s a single clamp or multiple similar sizes, different sizes, in line, stacked or both, here you will find a suitable combination of components
that will make it work for you. The style and choice of body materials is extensive to ensure the best results and remember, fixing hardware is also available in stainless steel for those extra demanding or hazardous applications

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Compact Twin Series Pipe Clamps

Compact Twin Series View Compact Twin Series

Original STAUFF Clamps in addition to clamps in the Heavy Series and the Twin Series according to
Industry Standard DIN 3015 (Parts 2 and 3), designed as a construction kit for the installation
of pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other flexible or rigid components with the most common metric and imperial
outside diameters from 6 mm to 10 mm / .24 inch to .39 inch.

Clamp bodies manufactured from Polypropylene.
Excellent UV, weathering and chemical resistance – even under extreme conditions.

Installation of Pipes, Tubes and Components

▪ Clamp bodies with profiled inside surface and tension clearance
▪ To be used as fixed point clamp preventing the line from sliding
▪ Clearance between the clamp halves provides tension of the tube or pipe
▪ Vibration/noise reducing and impact absorbing effect towards the direction
of the line provided by the grooves on the inside

Mounting Hardware

▪ Complete range of mounting hardware made of Steel and Stainless Steel
▪ Installation on weld plates, mounting and channel rails as well as multi-level (stacking) installation

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