Stauff Hi Clean Stainless Steel Clamps

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Stauff Hi-Clean Stainless Steel Series

Hi-Clean Stainless Steel Series Stauff Hi Clean Stainless Steel Series

STAUFF Stainless Steel pipe clamps of the Hi-Clean series were developed specifically for use in industrial clean rooms with the highest demands regarding hygiene and design. They are primarily used in the fields of process engineering and in the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industry.


▪ Patent approved design
▪ All the components are designed to comply with specifications and guidelines as defined by ASME-BPE
▪ Suitable for pipes, tubes and other lines with outer diameters between 6,4 mm and 168,4 mm
▪ Rounded-off edges and corners to prevent dirt adhesion; no exposed threads or threads covered with acorn nuts
▪ All plastic components comply with the specifications of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States)
▪ All metal components manufactured from corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel with high-gloss polished material surfaces


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