Stauff Steel Clamps Style SSS

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Steel Clamps SSS

Steel Clamps SSS Stauff SSS Metal Clamps

Alternative installation method for high-pressure hydraulic pipes
Robust design making the clamps extra durable under harsh conditions

▪ Available as single-line and double-line version, also for two different outside diameters
▪ Suitable for the most common metric and imperial diameters between 25 mm and 60 mm
▪ Available with either one or two through holes, allowing to be mounted to basic metal blocks or other substructures
▪ Clamp bodies made from steel or stainless steel
▪ Zinc/Nickel surface finishing of steel parts guarantees optimal corrosion protection (other surface finishes available on request)
▪ Optional elastomer inserts further improve the shock-absorbing and noise-reducing features of the clamps


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